Larry Kenemore, Jr.

Board of Directors

Larry Kenemore, Jr.

Board of Directors | Membership Committee Chair

Stat-Medicament Disposal | 2018-2020

Larry spent his retirement years from 2005 to 2013 working on his inventions. His first project was looking at how recycling was being accomplished, and then how to make it more convenient so that a greater number of items could be collected. After numerous different sizes, colors, dividers, materials, and lastly in-home tests, the current container is the result. Larry was able to see his idea come to fruition. A container that fits right inside your kitchen, collects more recycling items than any other recycling program, “including plastic bags, Styrofoam, computer parts, glass, and sorts them as they are placed inside. During this process he found that pharmaceutical, OTC medications, and vitamins are polluting are drinking water and that there is no known way to remove these pollutants. Thus hatched the concept of his Stat-Medicament-Disposal bottle.

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