As environmental education professionals, we understand that everything in our world is deeply connected, and environmental education is critical for a sustainable future.  The Arkansas Environmental Education Association believes all communities and individuals in Arkansas have the right to access the outdoors and engage in environmental learning in a way that is safe and supportive.  We are aware that we cannot fully create equitable access to the outdoors and engage in relevant learning experiences until we address the larger issues surrounding racial and environmental justice. 

AEEA recognizes that we have much work to do to be a truly diverse and inclusive organization.  We want to include a wider range of voices at the table to ensure our work is truly inclusive and accessible to all who want to learn and grow.  We hope in the coming months and years we can prove to be a part of the systemic change that leads to a truly sustainable future.  We invite you to join us in working toward a future where everyone feels welcome in EE activities in Arkansas, everyone has access to the outdoors, and we build a more equitable environmental movement. 

We would like to thank the North American Association for Environmental Education and the EE associations around the country who shared content and resources.  Their collaboration and leadership helps us all work toward a more just and sustainable world.

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