AEEA has launched an Environmental Education Resource Directory.  This online index is designed as a searchable, dynamic tool available to everyone in the state.  Environmental education (EE) can take a variety of forms, and the goal is to reflect this in a wide-ranging directory.

Environmental education is a learning process that helps us understand the natural world and our interactions with it.  Educational programs can be targeted to audiences of early childhood learners all the way to seniors.  The venue can be classrooms, nature centers, parks, zoos, gardens, or museums.  Programs can have a specific focus, such as water or wildlife, while incorporating concepts from other subjects.

AEEA created the directory as an avenue to highlight the many EE programs around the state and promote integrating EE and outdoor learning into our everyday lives.  We envision many ways the directory could be used including

  • A teacher searching for a guest presenter on a specific topic
  • A high school student searching for volunteer opportunities
  • A school seeking technical advice on recycling, energy, or outdoor learning spaces
  • A family interested in community programs with a nature or outdoor focus 
  • An educator looking for professional development
  • A college student considering internship possibilities

The directory can be viewed on our website at  It is a work-in-progress, and we encourage organizations to submit information through this Google Form.   Arkansas has many EE and outdoor learning opportunities. Help us build a comprehensive listing of these wonderful programs around the state!  

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