Amanda Bradley

Board of Directors

Krissy Thomason

Mrs. Amanda Bradley

Board of Directors

Bryant Junior High | 2022-2024

Mrs. Amanda Goff is a mathematics teacher at Bryant Junior High where she also coaches the chess club and math team, is the assistant quiz bowl coach, and is the co-leader of the school’s Green Team. She is a University of Arkansas at Little Rock teaching fellow. Amanda obtained her Bachelors in Education from Henderson State Univeristy and her Masters in Gifted, Talented, and Creative Educaiton from the Univeristy of Arkansas at Little Rock. Prior to a mid-career change to formal educaiton, she worked in the science and engineering fields. She is passionate about educaiton and sustainability and has a strong philosophy in encouraging diverse learners in environmental fields. She is a community advocate for students and families with experience organizing, motivating, and activating non-profit and political action groups. 

Amanda craves time in the outdoors and loves rural Arkansas. Her favorite activities include tent camping and scenic walks. She dreams of one day operating a sustainable rescue farm providing an immersive, interdisciplinary educational agri-tourism experience focused on agriculture stewardship with emphasis on environmental health and social and economic equity. 

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