In the last year AEEA engaged with our members and the larger environmental and outdoor education community to develop a community-based strategic plan. The plan established new priorities for how we will elevate the field of environmental and outdoor education in Arkansas and provides a new perspective on how AEEA operates. As we began moving forward in the priority areas, we believed it was time to revisit our mission statement and draft a vision and values statements, again using the feedback gathered from the community.

A draft mission, vision, and values statement was put before our members for a vote. On December 7, members approved the proposed statements.


AEEA envisions a future where everyone in Arkansas has access to high-quality, engaging, and meaningful environmental and outdoor education experiences. With environmental and outdoor education embedded into the culture of Arkansas communities, this will lead to a healthier state and a thriving future for all.


AEEA champions access to environmental education, builds community among professionals, provides support to educators, and drives excellence in the field of environmental and outdoor education in Arkansas.


AEEA is committed to excellence in the field of environmental education. Through our network of statewide professionals, collectively we uphold the principles of:


Engaging the greater community in collaboration and shared interest, AEEA recognizes that diverse perspectives working together can lead to meaningful change.


AEEA understands that embracing diversity of people, perspectives, and backgrounds leads to strength, resilience, and innovation. Believing that the most valuable impact means environmental education is inclusive and accessible to all, we are committed to eliminating barriers and becoming a more inclusive organization and equitable field.


Making a connection with the natural world leads towards a greater desire to care for it. AEEA demonstrates that environmental education empowers the conservation of our natural resources, encourages professional growth, and supports outdoor experiences.

Lifelong Learning

AEEA values environmental education as an exciting adventure that has a positive lifelong impact on both individual and organizational growth. AEEA embodies a culture of dynamic learning, always striving to be the best that we can be.

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